ORTOFON Hi-Fi Test Record

Hi-Fi Test Record

Ortofon Hi-Fi Test Record


Ensure your cartridge, tonearm, and turntable are in ideal synergy with each other and hear your music the way it was meant to sound with Ortofon's Test Record. Giving you audible information that measurements cannot, and designed to allow you to verify and improve the performance of your analog system in the most natural audio surroundings at home, Test Record contains special test signals developed for analyzing your cartridge as well as its interaction with your tonearm and turntable. You'll be able to get valuable information to help you optimize frequency response, channel output, balance, speed, tracking, and connectivity. There's even a track for testing a square wave with an oscilloscope for perfect use. Ortofon's Test Record will help any analog lover get the most out of their system.

Test Record is made to be played through your system with in-built RIAA equalization. Volume control should be set at a moderate signal level. Also, before using, please refer to your turntable and tonearm's instructions for correct installation and alignment, adjust tonearm to be parallel to record surface, set Vertical Tracking Force and antiskating according to the cartridge's recommended technical data, and adjust stylus overhang.

Tracks 1-4: Frequency Sweep for Checking Frequency Response
Several factors can affect frequency response, including cable capacitance, cartridge loading, tracking force, and worn parts. Because of this, it can be difficult to achieve perfectly flat frequency response. Sometimes by making small compromises in the cartridge loading, you can get a better overall frequency response.

Tracks 5-8: Reference Tone for Testing Channel Output
With this standard reference signal is it possible to check the correctness of the connections of the left and right channels, channel balance, and the speed of the turntable.

Tracks 9-14: Tracking Ability Test, 315Hz Lateral Modulation
These tracks contain a 315Hz signal, recorded at increasing pick amplitudes of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 micrometers. Please refer to your cartridge's tracking ability value specified in the technical data sheet. Your cartridge should be able to track the actual level without audible distortion. Inability to track can be heard as a departure from a pure tone or a sputtering and intermittent tone. To determine if it is one or both channels, the balance control can be utilized. In case of differing tracking ability in the left and right channels it is probably necessary to readjust the anti-skating correction of the tonearm. If both channels fail to track properly, then vertical tracking force should be increased until no further improvement of tracking force can be obtained.

Track 15: Square Wave Form 2.7 msec Duty Cycle 3:7
When monitoring the output of your cartridge with an oscilloscope, you'll see a square wave located precisely above each other if the connection from the cartridge is correct.